Cosmosium Finance

Strategy-based yield farms from clusterized finance platforms. Join our cosmic web of yield farms.

We are trusted

All smart contracts interacting with Cosmosium Finance are audited by valuable security service providers.

RUGFREEcoins Audited
Contracto KYC
After launch

We merge DeFi communities under the Galaxy system.

Cosmosium Finance has a unique Galaxy system that offers to users create their own indexes with whitelisted tokens, and share these indexes with others to earn fees.

Instead of rebalancing & lacking user experience problems, Cosmosium Finance developed everything with easy-to-use objective and UX.

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$BUZZ is a light-year away from current DeFi technology.

$BUZZ is the main token of whole Cosmosium Finance products. The fees applied for the usage of the products are based on the $BUZZ token.

We were developed $BUZZ with a deflationary mechanism. Circulating $BUZZ supply will always decrease after all transactions, trades, options and more. Every product on Cosmosium Finance requires burning $BUZZ.

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Get Ready To Lift Off With Cosmosium Finance

We were changed lots of things on yield farming world. Cosmosium with $BUZZ token offers unique features.


Cosmosium Finance offers index strategy tokens to let users create their own indexes and earn fees from these indexes.

Auto Farming

Cosmic Farms offers an auto-compounding feature by default. You can maximize your earnings without manually compound needed.

Prediction Battle

Cosmosium Finance has a feature that users can predict the price of the next candle. They can bet with long/short options to earn me $BUZZ.


Cosmosium Finance offers options for buying tokens at a discounted price. These options include a vesting period.


Cosmosium Finance has a unique time-based staking system that offers higher APYs on high vested pools.


Cosmosium Finance offers a borrowing system for users who vests their collaterals to borrow the tokens they want.

Cosmic Roadmap

The roadmap of our lift-off dates. Prepare yourselves for liftoff to the universes with Cosmosium Finance and $BUZZ!

IFO & Partnership Development

Feb 02, 2022 to Feb 12, 2022

IFO applications and partnership developments before liquidity farming begins.

DApp Publication

Feb 12, 2022

DApp publication and liquidity farming begin. All of our beginning products will be activated after this point.

Galaxies for Users

Feb 20, 2022

In the beginning, we only provide the galaxies deployed by the Cosmosium team. At this point we let our users deploy their own galaxies and share them with others.

Burning Games & Lending

15 March, 2022

We will publish space games to decrease the supply of $BUZZ to make it much more deflationary. And a lending mechanism for stakes is available.

Frequently Asked Questions

We were thought before lift-off there should some questions from new cosmonauts.

What will be the $BUZZ used for?

$BUZZ has to be paid as a fee for almost every product on Cosmosium Finance, such as index tokens, options contracts and much more.

What are the Galaxies?

Galaxies allow users to buy indexed tokens with a simple one transaction. Users can mint/buy/redeem index tokens with their choices. Index token price will be calculated by the value of tokens in the index.

What are the Clusters?

Clusters are unique staking mechanism that Cosmosium Finance offer for users. Users can stake their tokens with time-based vaults with auto-compounding to earn with higher APY such as CEX'es staking offers.

What are the Satellites?

Satellites allow users to buy $BUZZ tokens with discounted market price but with vested time. For example, you can buy $BUZZ with %3 discounted price and for 14 days vested.

$BUZZ Mining Starts in


Our cosmonaut team is ready to discover and conquer all DeFi cosmos.

Cosmo Jett

CEO & Founder

Cosmo Joy

Marketing Manager

Cosmo Nix


Cosmo Kong

Head of Strategy

Project we met in Cosmos

We have met with these guys at Cosmos. We are working successfully with them :)